ugg bergamo How to change your favicon

ugg vendita How to change your favicon

All Joomla! installations come with that favicon installed, and a common mistake by many webmasters is to ignore the favicon, thereby keeping the default Joomla! icon for their site. Unless your site is about Joomla, you should not be using the default favicon. A good habit to get into when developing sites with Joomla! is to change the favaicon and use something more fitting for your site, like your logo. This article will explain how to create a favicon and then how to replace the default icon with your icon.

Using graphics software (like Adobe Fireworks or Adobe Photoshop),
ugg bergamo How to change your favicon
shrink your logo so that it will fit into a 16 pixel by 16 pixel square.

This step is actually easier than it may seem. There are several options for doing this step, but my favorite is a web based tool by Dynamic Drive called the “FavIcon Generator”. It really is that simple.

Ive created a new favicon on my new Joomla site. I followed your instructions to change the default favicon but am getting nowhere fast.


2. Trying to change the permissions with CHMOD does not work as you are not the owner.

Ask your host (or use Shell access, to CHOWN the template root to the you, the user.

Open your website in your browser.

If you are using Firefox/Mozilla/Flock etc, then right click the page and select “VIEW PAGE SOURCE”

When the page opens, look for something like this, using this site as an example:

This procedure is also try for your administration pages. The majority of users will use the standard admin template, so using the above procedure go look at:
ugg bergamo How to change your favicon