ugg da uomo Italy’s banking sector still weighed down by bad debt and fewer loans

outlet ugg australia Italy’s banking sector still weighed down by bad debt and fewer loans

More deposits and fewer loans This is the Italian banking sector in a nutshell, according to figures from the Bank of Italy June, Italian bank loans to the private sector fell 1 compared to the same month a year earlier, after declining 1 in May In particular, loans to households rose 0 in June from the year earlier after contracting 0 in May, while loans to non firms declined an annual 1 after falling 1 in May

As for deposits and bonds, the data from Bank of Italy shows that private deposits rose 3 in June in May while the bond funding, including bonds held by the banking system decreased by 18 on annual basis in the previous month

In June main bank interest rates showed mixed trends for the retail and manufacturing sector Interest rates on consumer credit decreased from 8 in May to 8 in June On the other hand bank rates on loans for house purchases increased from 2 to 3 As for non corporations rates on bank overdrafts decreased from 4 in May to 4 in June Bank rates on loans up to million decreased as well, from 3 to 2 in June Bank rates on loans over million climbed from 1 to 1 in June loans continues to increase

Bad loans held by the Italian banking system continues to grow, despite signs of economic recovery

According to data published by the Italian Banking Association, in May 2015 bad debt was worth a total of billion, billion more than February 2015 This is mainly due to the long economic crisis and its effects The increased risk of bank loans caused the amount of gross bad debt to grow by billion compared to May 2014 ratio between bad loans and total bank loans is May 2015 was 10 was 8 the year before 2 at the end of 2007 The ratio reached 17 for small businesses was 15 in May 2014 7 at the end of 2007 17 for businesses was 14 the year before 3 at the end of 2007 and 7 for households was 6 in March 2014 2 at the end of 2007 bad loans of the Italian banking sector are mostly concentrated in the non business sector These alone account for billion In particular, according to 2014 data published by the Bank of Italy, the highest quota of bad loans is detained by the service industry billion Second comes the construction industry here bad loans total billion The manufacturing sector also absorbs a significant quote of total bad loans billion Households are responsible for billion in bad loans, while family businesses detain less, billion
ugg da uomo Italy's banking sector still weighed down by bad debt and fewer loans